This page features some sample artwork that participants have exchanged. Additional exchanged art includes digital illustrations, music samples, poetry, silkscreen prints, tea, herb sets, and logo designs.


Custom Notebook

Beaded necklace

Print of a chrysanthemum


Hand decorated planter


Self-reflective activities

Screen-printed and embroidered textile

Mixed media print I/2

Mixed media wrapping paper 2/2

Decorative wall hanging

Dried flowers in a painted frame

Photo collage

Painted and beaded belt buckle

Famed painted mixed media


Weaved wall hanging

Poured painting

Tumeric dyed t-shirt

Painted canvas

Collection of handmade post cards

Glass fused magnet

Beaded bracelet

Embossed notebook

Morse-code bracelet

Nail and string art

Painted candle

Illustration on paper

Handpainted pouch

Shadowbox with quotes and lights

Hand painted cards

Series of painted cards

Painted cavas

Illustration on paper

Hand painted pouch

Weaved wall hanging

Bleached dyed pouch with lettering and patch

Sunlight catcher

Beaded necklace